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Treasure Coast Investigative Services can be the partner at your side when it comes to defending your client.  We have the professional expertise to help you uncover new information, locate new witnesses, re-investigate cases and find key information not previously known.


Our 30 years of training and experience allows us to review police reports to determine if the investigation was conducted professionally. We can tell if due diligence was given to all leads that could produce mitigating evidence on behalf of your client.


We know what evidence and facts attorneys need to successfully argue their case. All reports are professionally written and meet all requirements for court. Chain of custody is always followed here at Treasure Coast Investigative Services, ensuring no evidence is inadmissible.


We also provide notary services.


Treasure Coast Investigative Services can assist you in preparing your case for civil trial. Whether you are looking for information, a particular person, or witness, we have the expertise to assist you.


We have the tools and training to locate individuals, look into past history, and interview witnesses. We have spent many hours working complex issues with attorneys. We know what attorneys need to successfully litigate their case. All reports are professionally written and meet all requirements for court. When evidence is seized we follow the rules of evidence so there is no question as to admissibility in court.


We also provide notary services.



Time is of the essence. If the debtor is not traced in time, the debt you wish to recover may be unrecoverable.


Treasure Coast Investigative Services has the tools and knowledge to find your debtor. We can help you reduce the number of delinquent accounts you write off. Timing is crucial. The sooner you contact us for help, the better chances you have of recovering the debt.



Treasure Coast investigative Services provide professional dignitary, celebrity and executive protection services which are customized to meet the client’s needs. We strive to provide a safe and secure environment for our clients to pursue their activities.


We provide trained discreet armed and unarmed protection agents for private individuals, executives, celebrities, and high profile individuals as they travel anywhere. Our operators conduct threat assessments to evaluate & determine the client’s risk level.


Our personal protection teams have the training, experience and knowledge to ensure you feel safe and relaxed in all situations.  We will protect you and your loved ones 24 hours a day, whenever and wherever you travel. Our teams will determine all possible dangers and free you from all the worries. Our attention to detail ensures our clients are not inconvenienced at any time.





Claims of fraud, financial tampering, computer crime, and employee misconduct require corporations, law firms, and government agencies to follow digital trails to piece together facts which lead to the truth. Treasure Coast Investigative Services helps ensure no digital evidence is overlooked. We examine physical and digital evidence to uncover what did or did not happen, using a combination of computer forensic expertise and traditional investigative techniques. Regardless of the volume and complexity of your collection needs, we deploy forensically sound, best-practice methodology to gather your data for electronic investigation and forensic analysis, or forensic discovery. We will assist at any stage of a digital forensics investigation or litigation.




Treasure Coast Investigative Services provides hard drive recovery on a full range of hard disk drives including internal and external hard drives. We have experience in retrieving business and personal files from hard drives. Never assume data on your hard drive is lost forever.


Whether data was deleted or manipulated on purpose or by accident, we have the forensic expertise to analyze the digital clues left behind. We will restore your data and/or uncover critical information.


We will always perform an initial diagnostic for free. After the evaluation of your media, we will contact you with an all-inclusive quote.



Any Sheriff’s Deputy can serve a subpoena or summons. They will do it on their time schedule. If they are busy handling calls for service, the serving of a process is the last thing on their mind. It could take days or weeks until they get around to it.


At Treasure Coast Investigative Services, we have been specifically trained, and have been certified, by the 19th Judicial Circuit, pursuant to sections 48.27 and 48.29, Florida Statutes. We pride ourselves on timely and accurate service. If it takes making several attempts, in the same day, we will do what it takes to get the job done and done properly.


We also have the ability to handle rush cases. We can usually complete a rush service within 24 hours or less, should that be necessary. We serve all of Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee and Indian River Counties. Call us and let us help you.



No matter what your investigative need is, we are here to provide it. Treasure Coast Investigative Services offers services in the following areas:


  • Civil Investigations
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Workers Comp Investigations
  • Personnel Investigations
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Loss Prevention/Risk Analysis
  • Photography
  • Surveillance Investigations
  • Workplace Investigations
  • Computer Forensics
  • Infidelity Investigations
  • Child Custody Investigations



Please Call us with any questions you may have.


There are numerous reasons why a person can turn up missing. We at Treasure Coast Investigative Services understand the frustration and heart ache of not knowing where the friend, loved one, relative, runaway child, debtor or witness is.


We have at our disposal a comprehensive and successful set of tools to help locate missing individuals. We always provide the highest level of service and understand the personal nature of this type of investigation.


Treasure Coast Investigative Services also provides the most accurate location information. Some of the information we can help provide is listed below.


  • Public & Court Record Research
  • Missing Persons
  • Phone Number Locate
  • Identify Home/Cell Numbers
  • Address Locate
  • Associate Information
  • Property Locate
  • Process Service
  • Asset Locate
  • Social Media Locate


Pre-employment or personal background checks generally focus on a person’s history to determine their suitability for a job, renter/lessee, a personal relationship, or other situation. It is used to determine if they are honest, reliable, and qualified for the job, situation or relationship.


Treasure Coast Investigative Services offers background checks for private and corporate clients. These types of investigations can include pre-employment background checks and general personal background checks.


We find the answers you need to know in an expedited and efficient manner. Determining whether someone is an asset or a risk to your company, property, family, or loved one is extremely important.


If you are in a situation where you feel the need to find out more information about a person’s past before taking your relationship either professional or personal to the next level, please give us a call so we may put your mind at ease.


A background investigation can uncover information about an individual and will generally include information such as:


• Addresses

• Motor Vehicle Registrations

• Properties

• Phones

• Possible Criminal Records

• Bankruptcies, Liens and Judgments

• Professional Licenses

• Driver’s Licenses

• Florida Accidents

• Marriage History

• Aliases


Treasure Coast Investigative Services also offers further investigations to be carried out on any ‘red flags’ discovered from the background checks.


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